During one of my recent cyber-bullying sessions at a big school in Faridabad in April 2021, a 9th grade student asked this question after the presentation. India is the cyber bullying capital of the world with 37% parents agreeing to the fact that their child has been cyber-bullied (Source: Ipsos Report titled Global views on Cyber Bullying, 2018) Cyber bullying cases have always created some news in India but got particular attention because of the Momo Challenge scare in 2018, the Instagram Bois Locker Case in 2020 and Sonakshi Sinha’s Instagram video against cyber bullying in 2020.

If a student…

Best Fit Careers E5 — Step Zero

Everywhere you look for guidance or help related to careers, there is an assumption that you know what you’re looking for. You want to study law here are the steps; management — this is step 1 this step 2 and so on; engineering, design, sustainability, job search, veterinary sciences — the story is the same. Everyone assumes that you know what you’re looking for.

Everyone thinks that just some random information on the internet or a story that one of your friends told you about someone else’s career pathway is also going to work for you. And then there are…

Pallabi Ghosh, Human Rights Activist | SCM S2E5

“…Activism… is a strong action which can help in driving a change…social or political…it makes people think about a cause” — Pallabi Ghosh

Meet Pallabi Ghosh, a human rights activist specialising in work related to anti-human trafficking activism. She completed her studies from Lady Shree Ram College, Delhi University and then decided to embark on the journey towards Human Rights Activism. She is a UN Woman, is on the board of and is a consultant to many Civic Society Organisations, and has set-up a trust with some renowned philanthropists, journalists and leaders in society. Her work gets featured in media…

E4 of the Best Fit Careers Podcast

For most MBA aspirants, their journey begins with tackling a standardised test whether it is the GMAT, GRE or an Indian test like CAT or XAT. In this episode I will share with you insights into these tests, their various nuances, how they are not the same as other entrance tests you might have taken earlier when you were younger. In the last 2 episodes, I shared details about the MBA journey in India and abroad. It stressed on the self-evaluation before you actually take on the MBA process. I am inviting another guest today, Mr Anish Passi. He shall…

The latest report from UNICEF shows how we are putting almost a billion kids under constant threat from one or the other climate change related natural or man-made disaster.

Till when are we going to repeat the same activities?

Assess yourself today —

Plastics — https://forms.gle/PZfTZbmTCKzGB7BM6

Carbon Footprint — https://OnlyPlanet.in

Water Accounting — https://www.urbanwaterdoctor.com/diy-homewateraudit.html

Only knowledge can set you free from the industrial-political narrative which wants you to ignore and be complacent.

Dr Itishree Misra | Such Conversations Matter S2E4

“Now the onus of choosing subjects and careers is also on a 13 year old on top of all other things…” — Dr Itishree Misra

Please meet Dr Itishree Mishra, one of India’s pre-eminent psychometricians. She has completed her studies and research under some of India’s pioneering psychologists and educationists such as Prof Vimala Veeraraghavan. She is a gold medalist and PhD from Delhi University and has mentored over 100,000 students in over 2 decades of her work across schools, universities and geographies in India. …

E3 of the Best Fit Careers Podcast

So you have decided to pursue an MBA program! Let’s get into the nitty grities of the MBA process. I mentioned in the previous episode about the various decision making aspects associated with the MBA processes. We discussed the what, where, why and how of MBA and then moved onto the planning bit and touched upon the Future of MBAs and impact of COVID on it. Please listen to Episode 2 of Best Fit Careers podcast to know all of those things :)

Today, I am going to take you into the details of the MBA planning and application process…

Samarth Pathak | Such Conversations Matter S2E3

“SDGs will not be successful if they are not transformed into ’Student Driven Goals’ or ‘School Driven Goals’ !” — Samarth Pathak

Please welcome Samarth Pathak, the Communications Officer (South Asia) and Regional Focal Point (Education for Justice Initiative) at UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime). Since 2020, he has spearheaded the Lockdown Learners program in India and South Asia under the Education for Justice Initiative.

His work experience encompasses public advocacy, content-driven outreach, multilateral diplomatic engagement, youth mobilization on SDGs, community engagement, network-building, management of external and internal communications, institutional brand-building, news production and analysis on issues…

Pallavi Khanna| Such Conversations Matter S2E2

“Stigmatisation still exists around Mental Health among the youth!” — Pallavi Khanna

Meet Pallavi Khanna, a certified counselling psychologist from TISS Mumbai, with decades of experience in counselling for various issues related to anxiety (generalized anxiety disorder, OCD, phobias, Social anxiety disorder, psychosomatic disorders), borderline personality disorder, eating disorders, depression, family conflicts, relationship stress, and has worked extensively with students in schools and colleges helping them overcome self-confidence and acceptance related stress, stress of dealing with peers, anxiety during exams and related matters. She has worked for many years with a hospital and has conducted group and individual therapy in…

Dr Navneet Bhullar | Such Conversations Matter S2E1

“If you are not working towards lessening your carbon footprint, you are not literate.” — Dr Navneet Bhullar

Meet Dr Navneet Bhullar, founder of AGAPP: Action Group Against Plastic Pollution (@agappearth) in Jalandhar, Punjab, India. She divides her time between the US and India. She is activist at heart. She has previously volunteered at Doctors Without Borders. …

Saurabh Nanda

Sustainability, Global Citizenship, Youth Empowerment… Career Consulting

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